"The Department is created for the purpose of training and research in the field of fundamental, applied and engineering Sciences on the basis of integration of scientific, educational, technological and innovative resources," the press service said.
The best nuclear scientists of Russia from Dubna science city will teach at the new Department, at the first stage the staff of the Frank neutron physics Laboratory will take part in the work of the Department. According to the Director of the Institute of physics of KFU Sergei Nikitin, Kazan University is interested in using JINR scientific experience in the field of neutron research methods. "Cooperation with the Laboratory of neutron physics will allow us to use neutron methods for the study of condensed matter. It should be noted that there is already a noticeable intersection in the objects of research: strongly correlated electronic systems, thin films, multiferroics. I am sure that our cooperation will develop intensively, " Sergei  Nikitin said.
 The new Department will allow KFU to begin training its own nuclear physicists. Specialists in the field of nuclear physics are necessary for Tatarstan, including for the development of new directions in the field of medicine.The laboratory of  neutron physics is the  main  unit providing the educational process of the basic Department. The laboratory accepts students for practical training, here the guys perform their final work. In their research employees are engaged not only in the study of the neutron as an elementary particle with the help of various tools, but also use the neutron itself as a tool for the study of the structure and dynamics of condensed matter, including: crystals and nanosystems, functional materials, complex liquids and polymers, rocks. The results of the research are used in molecular biology and pharmacology, technical diagnostics and other fields of science and technology.