History of the Department

The history of the department begins on March 26, 2017, when in Dubna the rector of KFU Gafurov I. R. and Director of  Laboratory of Neutron Physics Matveev V. A. signed an agreement on the establishment of the basic Department for the purpose of training and research in the field of fundamental, applied and engineering Sciences on the basis of integration of scientific, educational, technological and innovative resources . In the same year on August 31 the order of the rector of KFU about creation in structure of Institute of physics of Department of Nuclear-physical material science .
Neutron physics laboratory is the main unit providing the educational process of the basic Department. The laboratory accepts students for practical training, here the guys perform their final work.
 Today the head of  department  is  doctor of Ph. D., prof. Belushkin Alexandr Vladislavovich