Kazan Federal University is located in the city center, and over the past few years  a lot of places where you can have lunch, dinner, and drink tea or coffee have appeared in the city center.

Below is a small list of such places that are close enough to the University.

Options for lunch (self-service):

 Cafe “Лоза”, 18 Kremlevskaya street (the Main building of Kazan University);

 Cafe “Дом Чая”, Bauman street, 64/10 (a lot of national food, on the 2nd floor there is a room with service);

Cafe ”Тубетей” Kremlin street, 21 and Bauman street, 45 (Tatar fast food);

 Cafe ““Маринад”, Universitetskaya street, 22 (close to the conference venue);

 Cafe “Черное Озеро”, Lobachevsky street, 5 (small hall, standard food)

 Cafe “Кукан”, Lobachevsky street, 4B (standard food);


Options for lunch/dinner (with service):

 Cafe “Сказка”, Bauman street, 58 (relatively a long distance from the University, different dishes, including national);

 Cafe “I-Bar”, Profuznaya street, 46 (standard food for a cafe-restaurant);

Cafe “Brooklyn Pizza”, street Kremlin, 27 (only pizza and drinks);

Cafe " Кафеин”, Bauman street, 62/9 (in addition to coffee there is also a small selection of food, large hall);

Shopping center “Кольцо”, St. Petersburg,1, (various cafes and food court on the 3rd floor);


Coffee houses:

    The “Coffee bean”, Universitetskaya street, 10 (big hall, lots of different coffee, light food);

    Cafe “Нефт”, Universitetskaya street, 7/80. d. (small room, only coffee);

    Coffee shop “Ukume”, Profuznaya street, 46 (small hall, only for coffee, option for coffee to go);

    Coffee shop “Cinnabon”, Bauman street, 82 (middle size hall, only for coffee and light meals);

    Coffee to go “Coffee time”, Universitetskaya street, 20 (just coffee to go);

    Coffee to go “Moose”, Kavi Nadzhmi street, 22/25 (just coffee to go).