The Testing Center for Foreign Citizens at Elabuga Institute (Local Testing Center of    Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University) provides services for foreign citizens:

- comprehensive examination for migrant workers (for obtaining a work permit);

- comprehensive examination for persons wishing to obtain a temporary residence permit;

- a comprehensive examination for persons wishing to obtain a residence permit.

Upon successful passing of the test (comprehensive exam), a Certificate is issued (issued by KFU).

Those who fail the test are given a "Help" indicating the results, allowing them to be re-tested in one of the sections.


Register by phone: (885557) -7-03-17 to take the test.

Pay for the exam (testing) before testing; fill out an agreement (2 copies) and an application.

Come at the appointed time to the address of the exam venue: Elabuga, Kazanskaya st., 89.

To register for the exam (testing),    the following documents must be submitted:

- photocopy of the passport;

- photocopy of a notarized translation of the national passport;

- photocopy of the migration card;

- receipt for payment.

Also have a pen, glasses (if necessary).

Before testing, instructions are given in Russian.

The briefing explains:

- the order of filling out the answers in the matrices on the checklists for the five components of    "the Russian Language" module ("Vocabulary. Grammar", "Reading", "Listening", "Writing" and "Speaking"), as well as for "History of Russia" and "Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation" modules;

- time of the exam stages;

- rules of discipline when passing the exam;

- time and place of familiarization with the results of the comprehensive exam.

You can prepare for the exam on your own or take courses at our Center. Attendance at the courses is not a prerequisite for taking the test. At the same time, if you are not sure about the effectiveness of independent training, we recommend that you sign up for courses by calling the specified phone number +7 (85557) 7-03-17