Chairperson: Pikkar Anna Pavlovna


Every student of Elabuga Institute has the right to become a member of the trade union created to protect the socioeconomic rights and legitimate interests of students.

It guarantees its union members the following:

  1. Obligatory coordination with the trade union committee of the following issues: appointments for scholarships and social benefits, setting fees for dormitories, expelling a student from the university (except for academic debts), accepting the order of the director (rector) on all issues of labor, everyday life and leisure of students.

  2. Consulting and assistance in difficult situations.

  3. Protection in the investigation of an accident during work experience internship.

  4. Free representation of students by the union in court.

  5. The possibility of collective protective actions (picket, rallies, processions).

  6. The possibility of participating in leisure and sporting events organized by the trade unioncommittee.

  7. Additional protection of active students, their nomination for scholarships, awards.

  8. The possibility of obtaining subsidized sanatoria and holiday-homes passes, Christmas gifts for children of student families.

  9. The possibility of obtaining financial aid from the funds of the trade union.

The main areas of work of the student union:

• Protection of the rights of students of EI of KFU and the solution of issues and problems in relation to studies,everyday life, material support (session, scholarship, dormitories, expulsions, conflicts and much more).

• Emergency financial assistance to needy students (orphan students, disabled people, students from single-parent families, family students with children, students from low-income families).

• Medical care (treatment and rest on sanatorium vouchers, partial payment for medical examinations and operations, expensive drugs, medical procedures).

• Assistance to family students (registration of allowances for children, placement of children in pre-school institutions).

• Assistance in organizing and financing sports events, amateur performances, holding mass cultural events at faculties and in groups of students. In addition, from the trade union you can buy tickets for student parties at a reduced price.


There are the following commissionswithin the students' trade union committee:

1. Social - providing material assistance to needy students.

2. Housing - searching and providing information on housing for students.

3. Sports and recreation: organization of sports sections (swimming, basketball, volleyball), organization of sanatorium treatment and summer holidays for students.

4. Students Employment Commission - search and provision of vacancies for secondary and seasonal student employment.

Entering Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University you can be sure that these 4 years will be interesting and useful, and you can always count on the support of the trade union committee of students.