Head of Department - Savina Maria Mikhailovna

Lead Document Specialist - Melnikova Svetlana Leonidovna

Lead Document Specialist – Morozan Endje Ildusovna

Document Specialist- Mufteeva Marina Valentinovna

Second rank Document Specialist - Kolesova Darya Evgenievna

First rank Specialist – Nadiullina Khadicha Akhmetgayanovna

Archive manager Dmitrieva Galina Andreevna

Human Resource Department is a structural subdivision of Elabuga Institute (branch) of KFU and acts on the basis of KFU Charter and main provisions of HR Department of EI KFU. It is guided by the orders of the Rector, the Director of the Institute, the orders and instructions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, the decisions of the Academic Council of the Institute.