Editor: Khabibullina Irina Ivanovna

Design: Nutfullin Renat Radievich

Proofreading: Sadrieva Yulduz

UNIvesti is the official press body of the Directorate, the Academic Council, trade union organizations, the Council of Students and Graduate Students, as well as teachers, employees, students of the Elabuga Institute of KFU.

The first issue was released in October 2006. Maryam Larina served as editor from the day the periodical was founded until August 2013. The curator of the newspaper is Anatoly Razzhivin, professor at the Department of Russian Language and Literature.

UNIvesti is published on the 25th of each month with a circulation of 999 copies and covers the most significant events from the life of the institute, faculties, structural divisions, the best experience of educational, research and research activities, the achievements of students, young specialists and university scientists, publishes interviews with teachers, employees, students, veterans and graduates of the institute.