The Center of Information Technologies is an auxiliary unit of the Yelabuga Institute of KFU, providing the development and functioning of the university's information infrastructure and its connection with regional and world information spaces, implementing and introducing software and technical means of informatization of the educational process, research and management.

Employee List:

Head of department - Rozhkov Roman Alekseevich

Leading software specialist - Strelnikov Alexey Sergeevich

Programmer of the 1st category - Pavlov Vitaly Sergeevich

Programmer of the 1st category1 - Shaikhov Foat Shamillevich

Programmer - Ermakov Tural Sergeevich

Leading programmer - Polenok Alexander Vladislavovich

Programmer of the1st category - Drozdov Denis Alexandrovich

Software engineer of the 1st category - Lizunov Vladislav Valerievich

Laboratory Assistant - Gatina Evgenia Alexandrovna

Laboratory assistant - Himaletdinova Nina Vladimirovna

Laboratory assistant - Bochkareva Anastasia Viktorovna