Medical support for students of the Elabuga Institute is carried out on the basis of a joint activity agreement with the Elabuga city polyclinic and branch No. 2, according to which all full-time students are served by these institutions.

There is a first-aid post in the hostel number 2, where qualified specialists are receiving. In accordance with the goals and objectives, the medical center provides first aid for injuries, poisoning, acute diseases; organization of transportation of the sick and injured to the Central District Hospital; sends for consultation and treatment; conducts therapeutic and rehabilitation measures prescribed by a doctor.

The first-aid post is equipped with necessary equipment, equipped with medicines and medical instruments for carrying out sanitary-educational work with students, there is a methodical and visual material on medical topics. There is a daily reception, procedural and physiotherapy rooms.

Medical assistant - Plekhanova Valentina Nikolaevna

Medical days: Monday - Friday

Working hours: from 8:00 to 17:00