The Law department at Elabuga Institute has existed as a correspondence department since 2003, on a full-time basis since 2007. Graduates in the specialty Jurisprudence are awarded the qualification “Teacher of law”. In September 2011, the preparation of bachelors in the direction 030900.62 Law (profile "Civil Law") and 050100.62 Pedagogical Education (profile "Legal Education") began here. The Faculty of Law as an independent structural subdivision of Elabuga Institute of Kazan Federal University was established in the process of reorganization of the Faculty of History and Law on the basis of the existing legal department. The opening of the faculty was approved by order of the rector No. 01-06 / 750 dated July 20, 2016.

The main mission of the faculty is to prepare students of high quality using the best practices of other leading Russian universities. This becomes possible due to the connection in a single process of educational, research, practical, educational activities, providing teachers, staff and students with opportunities for creative self-realization.

Over these years, a fairly large and highly qualified teaching staff has been formed. Currently, the faculty employs more than 20 full-time teachers and part-timers who read the cycle of legal disciplines, of which 3 are professors, 11 have a PhD degree. Practical workers are involved in the number of teachers: judges, notaries, lawyers. After graduation from the department, the qualification "Lawyer" is awarded. Training is conducted on the civil law profile, in 2017 the recruitment for the criminal law profile began.

Teachers participate in innovative projects of the institute, in the development and preparation of grants, effectively conduct research work, classes in the framework of the activities of the Children's University and the summer camp for children Intel Summer. For five years, the faculty has been running the “Legal Clinic”, which provides free legal assistance to the public, the “Legal Education School” club, and the scientific circle in international law.

Directions of training:

40.03.01  Law, Bachelor Program

"Civil Law" profile, full-time, 4- year study period

“Criminal Law” profile, full-time; 4- year study period

"Civil Law" profile, extramural, 5- year study period


The following departments run at the faculty:

Private and Public Law Department

Criminal Procedure and Judicial Activity Department