Фаттахова Наиля Нурыйхановна

Educational and scientific laboratory of linguistics

The laboratory provides research in the field of language conflicts, language support and preservation, language strategies and language ecological systems.

Scientific consultant: doctor of philological Sciences, Professor Nailya Fattakhova Narymanovna

Laboratory tasks:

- practical testing and implementation of the results in the practice of enterprises, organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership and fields of activity;

- assistance in training students in the areas of the Institute;

- assistance in professional development of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;

- implementation of the results in the educational process in the areas of training of students;

- introduction of talented students enrolled in the relevant

As part of the laboratory's research in 2019, a joint work was organized with colleagues from the Dresden technical University. Professor Fattakhova N. N. passed an internship, gave lectures to students, discussed the future plan of joint work.