The Department of Regional Studies and Eurasian Studies was established on September 1, 2018.

The department is a graduate and carries out educational, research and methodological activities in the field of regional studies and Eurasian research, educational work with students, as well as the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel, professional retraining, professional development of personnel in the field of regional studies and Eurasian research.

The department provides training in:

Bachelor's programs:

41.03.01 Foreign Regional Studies (Profiles: General Profile; German-Russian Studies)

41.03.02 Regional studies of Russia (profile: "Russia and its regions in the sphere of international relations (with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​(English / Chinese))

46.03.01 History (profile: History of Turkic peoples)

Master's in directions:

46.04.01 History (profile: History, economy and culture of the Turkic peoples)

04.04.03 Art History (Profile: Art History of the Turkic-Muslim world)