Director of the Institute of Psychology and Education, Head of the StrAU “Teacher of the 21st Century” Aidar Kalimullin,  summarized the work for 2018.

Key Performance Indicators in 2018

Kazan Federal University was ranked amongst 125 best universities in the world in the subject area 'Education' in 2019 by Times Higher Education ranking and in the top
250 according to the QS international ranking in the subject area 'Education'. KFU is one of the three largest leading organisations in the field of teacher education in Russia.

In 2018 our researchers participated in all major international conferences on education (AERA, BERA, WERA, ECER, ATEE, TEPE, EECERA, Cultural Diversity, Migration and Education, Janusz Korczak Conference). IV International Forum on Teacher Education, the leading conference in the post-Soviet area, was held at KFU in collaboration with International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching (ISATT). Conference proceedings are indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases (more than 600 participants). Further information about the upcoming V International Forum on Teacher Education can be found here.



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Our journal 'Education and Self-development' is becoming internationally recognized. Nick Rushby is an editor-in-chied of 'Education and Self-development' (the former editor of British Journal of Educational Technology). The journal has been included in the Scopus database in 2018.