Laboratory "Innovative technologies of teaching mathematics in schools and universities"

Since January 2014, the Educational and Experimental Laboratory "Innovative technologies of teaching mathematics in school and university" has been created at IMM. The objectives of the laboratory in the field of research activities - design, organization, implementation and evaluation of research results using information and innovative technologies; in the field of pedagogical activity, the use of the capabilities of the information and communication educational environment and the design of new conditions, including information, for the development of distance education systems and interactive education and ensuring the quality of mathematics education at the university and school; preparation of future teachers of mathematics and university teachers for professional activities in the new information and educational environment; in the field of project activities: designing educational environments that ensure the quality of the educational process; designing the content of new disciplines and elective courses, electronic educational resources, forms, control methods, test materials based on information technology.

Research topics: psychological aspects of teaching mathematics; learning mathematics using ICT; distant-auditor training of the future teacher of mathematics; the possibilities of the history of mathematics and mathematics education in the patriotic education of pupils and students; technology professional development of future teachers of mathematics; innovative technologies of teaching mathematics in schools and universities.


International Forum on Mathematical Education (IFME-2017)


International Conference Mathematical education in school and university MATHEDU


Republican Seminar of Mathematics Teachers


Competition "Lobachevsky and XXI century"


Competition of local history tasks