23-29 June International conference  "Algebra and Mathematical Logic: Theory and Applications" dedicated to the 125-th birthday of the founder of the Department of Algebra of Kazan University, Professor Nikolai Chebotarev (1894-1947), and the 75-th birthday of the chair of the department Professor Marat Arslanov (born February 7, 1944).






26 June-2 July International Conference on Algebra, Analysis and Geometry dedicated to the anniversaries of the eminent  professors of Kazan University, mathematicians Petr Alekseevich Shirokov (1895-1944) and Aleksandr Petrovich Shirokov  (1926-1998).





2-6 June International Conference "Algebra and Mathematical Logic: Theory and Applications" with a satellite summer school "Computability and Computable Structures" dedicated to 210-th anniversary of Kazan University, to 80-th anniversary of Department of Algebra (now Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic) of Kazan University, and to 70-th anniversary of Professor M.M. Arslanov.




25-30 September International conference dedicated to the 100-th birthday of Professor V.V. Morozov (1910-1975)













11-15 October International Conference "Imaginary Logic" of N.A. Vasiliev and modern non-classical logic