Section 1. Wave propagation and remote sensing of the upper atmosphere and space.

Section 2. Propagation of radio waves of meter - sub-millimeter bands in the troposphere and urbanized environments.

Section 3. Propagation of the optic waves in atmosphere and laser sounding of nature environment.

Section 4. Propagation of kilometer and more long waves.

Section 5. Wave propagation and non-linear effects in ionosphere, dedicated to the memory of prof. A.M. Nasyrov.

Section 6. Physical problems of radar, navigation and telecommunication.

Section 7. Remote sensing of atmosphere and Earth surface, radio meteorology.

Section 8. Math modeling of electrodynamics and wave propagation problems.

Section 9. Nonlinear wave structures in complex continuous media including atmosphere, hydrosphere and space plasma

Section 10. Problems of atmospheric electricity.