Professor Alain Le Mehaute is a well-known expert in Europe on the organization of innovative training for engineers of the "new" generation, with a high level of creativity prepared for management in the field of high-tech projects. In 1991, he organized the Institute of Problems of Mechanics and Modern Materials Science ISMANS in Le Mans, France, who in a short time took a leading position in the system of Higher Engineering Schools in France. He is the author of more than 100 patents, one of which is related to the invention of lithium-ion batteries. Since 2006, in the framework of scientific and educational cooperation between KSU and ISMANS, the joint preparation of masters for the innovative program "Physics of Complex Systems" has been started. He developed a course of lectures on creativity and innovation in the field of high-tech projects has no analogues in the world.You can find out the content of his lectures in the section "E-learning resources" of our website at: