The head of the Сentre is Khaliullina A.A.


- the assistant lecturer of the Japanese language  Simbo Tomoko, delegated by the Japan-Russia Youth Exchange Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan;

- the assistant lecturer of the Department of Altaiс and Chinese studies Kondo Fumiko;

- the assistant lecturer of the Department of Altaic and Chinese studies Isayenkova A.S.

- the assistant lecturer of the Department of Altaic and Chinese studies Grineva D.V.;

- the assistant lecturer of the Department of Altaic and Chinese studies Gurvich V.V.

 REC Japanese Studies Сentre of the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies was created by Usmanova L.R. in October 2011 for teaching the Japanese language and spreading Japanese culture, holding scientific conferences and contests related to Japan.

Every year the students of Japanese Studies Сentre have language internships at partner universities: Tsukuba, Saitama City, Kanazawa.

 The major objectives of Japanese Studies Сentre are:

- teaching the Japanese language on the approved programs  using multimedia programs, Internet resources, etc .;

- arranging the Japanese language courses of various forms and for different target audience, including on fee-paying basis;

-developing cooperation with the educational organizations of Japan;

- providing scientific and educational work with the students of the universities of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan, the students of lyceums and gymnasiums with the focus on career guidance and popularization of science in the field of Japanese studies and Oriental studies in general;

- organizing competitions, students festivals and other cultural and educational events about Japan;

-increasing the level of educational and methodological work by creating new curricula, coursebooks, teaching and methodological aids;

The projects implemented:

1. Interaction with the Japanese Culture Center at Japan Foundation at Foreign literature library:

- arranging seminars for teachers, participating in online seminars and conferences organized by Japan Foundation.

2. Interaction with the Japan Russia Youth Exchange Center:

- sharing scientific and practical experience with the teachers of the centre (UFU, Ryazan State University named for S. Yesenin, etc.);

- arranging a week-long study tour to Japan for KFU students aiming at studying Japanese culture;

3. Project Lab of the REC Japanese Studies Сentre:

- Google Maps project for Japanese tourists;

- The project "Origami's connecting hearts". The interaction of KFU students and Japanese schoolchildren through the Internet and video technologies

- The Sempai-Kohai project aimed at the interaction of senior and junior students and immersion into Japanese culture.

4. The annual Republic's competition of public speech in Japanese and holding a scientific conference on the methods of teaching the Japanese language.

5. The centre UNIVERSUM + offers the Japanese language courses for beginners since 2016.

6. In 2016 the representatives of the software development company ICL expressed their desire to learn the Japanese language for establishing contacts with Japanese companies, that resulted in the Japanese language courses for future employees of this company.