The head of the Centre is Mruthusina Gyuzel Ferdinandovna.

The employee is Bobkov Dmitry Vyacheslavovich.

The objectives of the India Studies Centre are to strengthen the organic unity (integration) of scientific and educational activities; improving the quality of training production, scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel in the field of Indology; attracting young people to the sphere of science, education and innovation and fixing it in this sphere; increase the effectiveness of scientific research in the field of Indology.

The main tasks of the India Studies Centre are:

- learning Hindi language according to the approved programmes, using multimedia programmes, Internet resources, etc .;

- training and retraining of Hindi language teachers for higher education, including on a paid basis;

-training Hindi language in courses of different intensity and for different target audiences, including on a paid basis;

-development of cooperation with educational organizations of India.

Also, India Studies Centre provides information and consulting services:

-to advise those wishing to study in the Republic of India;

-conducting competitions, scientific conferences on the study of the cultural heritage of India, the ties of Russia, Tatarstan and India;

- exchange of scientific publications between KFU and universities of the Republic of India;

- Days of India and scientific-educational work with students with the aim of their professional orientation and popularization of knowledge in the field of Indology and Oriental studies in general;

-organization of student festivals and other cultural and educational events dedicated to the Republic of India.