The Heads are Zaynullin Jamil Gabdulhakovich (Director of the Confucius Institute of KFU from the Russian side) and Li Lanyi (Director of the Confucius Institute of KFU from the Chinese side).


Paramonova Vlada Vadimovna, a secretary

Ayhati Ishakafuu, an engineer

With the assistance of the leadership of the International Council for the Distribution of the Chinese Language of the People's Republic of China (Hanban), on April 24, 2007, the Agreement on the opening of the Confucius Institute on the basis of Kazan State University was signed at the Chinese Embassy in Russia. On May 30, 2007, the opening ceremony of the Institute took place. In September 2007, the Confucius Institute on the basis of KSU began its official activities. According to the Regulations of the Confucius Institute and the Cooperation Agreement between Hanban, KFU and Hunan Pedagogical University, the Board of the Confucius Institute was established on the basis of KFU.

The purpose of the Confucius Institute is to further strengthen cooperation in the field of education between China and Russia.

The following training programs are implemented at the Confucius Institute:

Chinese for Beginners

Chinese. Intermediate level 1

Chinese. Intermediate level 2

Chinese. High level

Chinese for Business Communication

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese for tourism. Express Course

Chinese culture (Chinese history, Chinese culture, tea ceremony, calligraphy, yu-shu, Taijiquan, Chinese poetry and Chinese painting)

Individual lessons with a native speaker

The Kingdom of the Chinese Language

Preparation for the HSK and HSKK international exam

Intensive Chinese Language Course for Beginners

Our teachers have many years of experience at universities and schools, they know how to teach properly the Chinese language. Confucius Institute has its own teaching aids, teaching audio-video materials, linguaphone and other interactive equipment, which makes it possible to use the newest forms and methods of teaching Chinese as a foreign language in the educational process.

In addition, the students of our courses have a unique opportunity to receive a grant for semiannual and annual training in China, to go to the Chinese summer camp, to test their knowledge and pass the international examinations in the Chinese language HSK, HSKK, BCT, YCT.

Also we will give a 10% discount on any next course for those who have already received training!

We invite you to visit the second site of the Confucius Institute of KFU