“Al-Hadara” Centre for Arab Culture was established in 1999 at the suggestion of academician RAO and the Academy of Tatarstan Professor Mahmutov Mirza Ismailovich, and also with the support of the scientific council of Tari in Kazan. The founders of the Centre were individuals. The executive director is Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Al-Ammary Mohammed Saleh.

“Al-Hadara” Centre for Arab culture was created with the purpose of formation of interest to the Arabian culture, the Arabian countries and the Arabian language. Today it is the largest and only Centre of Arab studies in the Republic of Tatarstan.

For all these years, great work has been done to develop and promote Arab culture and language, literature, traditions, customs and rituals; development and strengthening of interethnic ties, interpenetration and mutual enrichment of Russian and Arab cultures.

Over the years, the Centre has concluded partnership agreements with the universities of such Arab countries as Syria (Tishrin University, Lattakia City), Egypt (Cairo State University and Ain al-Shams University), Jordan (Jarash), Morocco (" Abdulmalik al-Saadi ", the city of Tetuan).

Regularly the Centre conducts lectures and seminars on the culture and history of the Arab people, as well as meetings and round tables with famous scientists and invited guests. Every year students who study Arabic in the universities of the republic have the opportunity to go to summer language training, which is organized by the “Al-Hadara” Centre for Arab Culture in Syria, Morocco, Egypt. An unforgettable event in the life of the Centre is Arab Culture Day, in which students from all universities and schools of our city and the surrounding regions of the country take part.

The Centre provides an opportunity for teaching Arabic and culture to all comers, regardless of age, religion, nationality or other affiliation. Currently, students of the Centre are schoolchildren, students, scientists, teachers, workers, economists, businessmen and representatives of the Muslim community.

Kazan (local) public organization

“Al-Hadara” Centre for Arab Culture

Republic of Tatarstan

420021 Kazan, 1/55 Pushkin street, office 404.407.

Tel: 89270334452

E-mail: Markaz.alhadara@gmail.com, Al-hadara@kpfu.ru.