The Head of the Centre – Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor Takhtarova Svetlana Salavatovna.

The REC’s work is aimed at the following tasks:

in education:

introducing the results of research and innovation activities in the educational process of IIRHOS with the aim of improving the quality of training of linguists at all levels and ensuring a high level of the research component of the "Linguistics" curriculum;

creation of a theoretical and experimental basis for the implementation of design, laboratory, coursework, production and pre-diploma practice;

training, retraining and advanced training of specialists in various aspects of communication;

increasing the efficiency of training highly qualified personnel for science, education and economic sectors of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation;

assistance in securing young specialists in linguistics in the sphere of education and science, developing their professional skills and research competencies.

in the field of scientific research:

carrying out research works of fundamental and applied nature, including within the framework of National projects, state scientific and technical programs, Federal target programs, programs of the Ministries of the Russian Federation, Federal agencies and other customers in accordance with the REC's activity profile;

conducting scientific events - master classes, seminars, conferences, symposia on fundamental and applied communication problems;

improvement of the qualitative composition of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;

interaction with scientific, educational organizations and associations, including international ones, on the activities of RECs;

dissemination and popularization of the achievements of linguistic knowledge in modern Russian society (preparation of popular scientific and methodical works, presentations in the media);

implementation of expert evaluation and consulting and information activities in the field of communication.