The Centre for Ethnocultural Education at the TSUHE has been implementing the project on the development of Islamic education since 2007. After the unification of universities (TSUHE and KSU) into a federal institution, the Kazan Federal University, the Centre continued its work on the floor of the KFU. And in 2014, on its base at the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies, a special unit was opened - the Resource Centre for Islamic Education Development. The reason for such decisions was the need to expand the scope of activities, since 2014, the medium-professional and elementary levels of teaching religion have been introduced into the orbit of the project. The purpose of the Centre is to establish educational, scientific and methodological resources in the field of Islamic and Islamic education into a single information and educational environment, ensure the interaction of religious and secular institutions and scientific schools with inter-confessional and inter-ethnic relations.

Objectives of the Centre:

- organization and conduct of professional training and professional development of specialists of religious (Islamic) education, employees of organizations and institutions working in the ethno-confessional sphere, representatives of government authorities and municipal authorities;

- development, approbation, implementation and scientific and methodological expertise of educational programs of secular and confessional educational institutions, educational and methodological complexes and kits for institutions of Islamic education;

- study and monitoring of current and future needs of the system of religious (Islamic) education, the market for additional educational services and trends in its development in the sphere of professional development and professional retraining of specialists and workers of religious (Islamic) education.

Structure of the Centre:

Department of minor full-time educational programs

Department of Distance Learning

Department for the Development of International Cooperation

Information Technology Department

Publishing Department / Editorial board of the journal "Kazan Islamic Studies"

Since 2012 the head of the Project is the director of the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies Khayrutdinov Ramil Ravilovich, he is the author of numerous works on topical issues of national history and monuments, preservation and study of cultural heritage, history of Tatar entrepreneurship and Muslim clergy. Among them: "Republic of Tatarstan : monuments of history and culture of the Tatar people. (The End of the XVIII - the Beginning of the Twentieth Centuries) "(1995)," Tatarstan Mosques "(2000)," Historical Mosques of Kazan "(2005), co-author of encyclopedias:" Islam and Muslim Culture in the Middle Volga Region: History and Modernity. Essays "(2001)," Islam in the European East: Encyclopedic Dictionary "(2004)," Islam in Nizhny Novgorod "(2007)," Islam in Moscow "(2008) and others.