In 2014, the Centre of Excellence was created in KFU, which was named "Archeometry". It included laboratories operating on the basis of the Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies.

REC "Archeometry" Center of Excellence was created on the basis of laboratories:

"Information technologies and non-destructive methods of studying objects of cultural heritage",

"Archeotechnology and archeological materials science",

"Interdisciplinary innovative and scientific-practical archaeological and ethnological research".

Scientific objectives of the Centre:

- study of natural and anthropogenic ancient and medieval landscapes of Eurasia as the environment in which the functioning and development of human collectives took place;

- study of processes and mechanisms of mutual influence of the person and the enclosing landscape;

- studying the dynamics of development of methods and technologies for the development of the territory of Eurasia by human collectives in antiquity and the Middle Ages;

-development of a detailed chronological system for the antiquities of the region, based on modern methods of absolute dating;

-development and practical application of new technologies for the protection, restoration, conservation and museumification of cultural heritage sites;

-integration of natural-science and experimental methods into the process of archaeological research.