The Head of the Centre – Associate Professor, Candidate of Social Sciences Ilikova Lilia Ernstovna.
REC "European Studies" bases its work on the principles of an interdisciplinary research and analytical approach, focusing on the current developments in the European Union and in Europe as a whole.
Main goals:
- Confirmation of the REC IIRHOS of KFU as the leading expert centre on migration, European integration and intercultural interaction between the West and the East.
-Production of qualitative research related to European and Eurasian subjects: European Neighborhood, etc.
-Forming the pool of researchers (involving young people) in Europe.
-Extraction of necessary experts (possessing relevant competences) "for tasks".
-Organization of an expert site on European integration.
Within the framework of the REC European Research launched an expert site to discuss issues of European integration and migration crisis. The first guest was Professor of the University of East Finland Paul Frier.
There are students' seminars on topical issues of the European theme on Thursdays at 15.20 aud. 202 (Pushkin St., 1.)