The management of "Sinology" REC:

The Head of the Centre - Doctor of History, Professor D.E. Martynov

The Deputy Head of International Relations and Administrative Work - Li Lanyi

Secretary - R.L. Hayrtdinova

Persons responsible for certain areas of work:

The coordinator of the "Educaton" group - senior teacher, Candidate of Historical Sciences A.R. Alikberova

The coordinator of the “Nauka” group is Professor, Doctor of Philosophy G.G. Zainullin; Professor, Doctor of Historical Sciences Ya.Ya. Grishin; Candidate of Historical Sciences R.R. Mukhametzyanov, Candidate of Historical Sciences A.R. Alikberova

The coordinator of the “PR” group is Candidate of Historical Sciences R.R. Mukhametzyanov

The coordinator of the "Young Sinologist" group - Assisstent A.S.Koroleva

"Sinology" REC provides development of scientific and personnel potential of KFU, improvement of educational and scientific processes quality in KFU, integration of intellectual and material resources in the implementation of scientific research in the Sinology field. Also contributes into conducting research in the field of Sinology, as well as related areas of humanitarian knowledge with the goal of integrating scientific and educational activities in solving social and cultural problems in the region.
 The main scientific activity of RECs is research in the field of Sinology and Oriental studies for the purpose of solving the problems of education, science, economics, administration and security in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian Federation.
The activity of the "Sinology" REC is aimed at the following tasks:
- conducting fundamental and applied scientific research in the Sinology field;
 - increasing the efficiency and quality of research work, training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in the areas related to REC issues;
- attracting young people to scientific, educational and innovation fields;
- introduction of the results of research work (hereinafter - R&D) and other developments in the production and educational process;
- attracting lecturers, researchers, doctoral students, post-graduate students and students of KFU to R&D performed in REC;
- attracting specialists from partner organizations to reading special courses and supervision of training, research, course, final qualification works, students' practice and post-graduate internships on terms determined by separate agreements concluded at KFU;
- maintaining and developing scientific relations of KFU with leading Russian and world centers of Sinology and Oriental Studies;
- assistance in the implementation of educational programs related to the REC research issues;
- effective use of available scientific, human resources in research and educational processes within the REC scientific profile;
- increase the educational and methodological work level of the educational environment by means of creating new curricula, textbooks, teaching aids and methodological aids, including ones on electronic media;
- popularization of scientific knowledge and pre-university vocational guidance work, holding school and university Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences for students and graduate students, master classes and exhibitions, developing methods and tools to motivate talented youth for a professional career on the REC scientific profile.