The heads of the Centre are Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor I.A.Gilyazov and Candidate of Philological Sciences E.Kh.Khabibullina.

The REC's activities are aimed at studying the relevant problems of Turkic studies and carrying out educational, methodological and research activities, as well as raising the level of skills, training and retraining of human resources in this field.

The "Turkic World" Centre is a scientific, educational and cultural center which is aimed at comprehensive study of the Turkic languages, culture and history of the Turkic peoples.

The Centre undertakes activities focused on spreading knowledge of the culture, art, history ofthe Turkic peoples, including the Tatar; the Centre also teaches Turkish language on the basis of the Competence Development Centre "UNIVERSUM +". In the future the study of such Turkic languages as Kazakh, Uzbek, etc. is considered.

Starting from September 2015, the evening courses of the Turkish language were started on the basis of the Centre. In total, the courses consist of three levels of language learning (A1-B1), each of which has the duration of 60-72 academic hours. Last year more than 40 students attended the courses. In the year 2017, the refresher course and the language competence "Turkish language in professional competence" is to be launched.

Every four months the Centre holds the "Exam on knowledge of the Turkish language" (Türkçe Yeterlilik Sınavı - TYS). The exam can be taken by everyone. Based on the results of the exam, participants are issued a certificate with a certain level of knowledge of the Turkish language. This certificate (in case of high results) gives the right to work as an interpreter or teacher, to enter the higher educational institutions of Turkey, bypassing the preparatory courses for learning the language, etc.

In February 2017 the Inter-University Olympiad on the Turkish language was held for students studying Turkish as a foreign language in the course of basic and supplementary educational programs. In the framework of the Olympiad students competed in 8 categories. 

With the assistance of the Centre, numerous conferences and symposiums on Turkic studies are held with the participation of university students and lecturers, academics invited from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, etc. It was the second time that in the framework of the Centre and the Department, an international forum "Actual problems of Turkic studies : Russia and the Turkic-Muslim world ", in which leading scholars from Russia and abroad (Kazakhstan, Armenia, Georgia, Finland, Latvia, USA) took part.