The Head of the Centre - Professor of the Department of History of Russia of IIRHOS of KFU Salnikova Alla Arkadevna.

Employees – V.A. Letiaev, L.E.Bushkanets.

The REC's activities are aimed at the following tasks:

- assistance in the implementation of educational programs related to the REC research issues;

-popularization and dissemination of scientific knowledge, developent of creative, intellectual and organizational abilities of students;

-organization of scientific and educational activities for the implementation of the project "Children's University of the Volga Federal District";

-increase the educational and methodical work level by creating new curricula, textbooks, teaching and methodological aids, including ones on the electronic media;

-conducting fundamental and applied scientific research works;

-increase of effectiveness of the quality of research and development works (hereinafter – R&D), training of scientific and pedagogical personnel in areas related to the REC issues;

- assistance in the implementation of the R&D results and other innovative pedagogical techniques in the educational process;

- attraction of teachers, researchers, doctoral students, post-graduate students and students of KFU to research and development works performed at REC.