The Department has 29 teachers: 1 teacher has the degree of Doctor of Linguistics (Professor), 14 teachers have PhD in Linguistics or Pedagogy, 9 Associate Professors (6 teachers have the academic rank of “Associate Professor”), 11 senior lecturers, 7 lecturers, 1 technical staff.

The Department staff teaches English for special purposes within the following disciplines: “Foreign language”, “Business English”, “English for professional communication” for both full-time and part-time students as a part of Bachelor or Master Courses in four Institutes:

The Institute of Physics

The Higher School of Information Technologies and Information Systems

The Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies

In collaboration with The N.I. Lobachevsky's Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics the Department offers the educational courses with two qualifications:

44.03.05 – BA in Pedagogy – qualifications: Teacher of Computer Sciences and Foreign Language (English); Teacher of Mathematics and Foreign Language (English).

Prior tasks of the Department:

-continuous improvement of quality in educational services;

-development and implementation of education programs on major disciplines;

-development and implementation of additional education and methodological supplements, on-line educational resources;

-improvement of publication activity among professors and teachers;

-holding the events promoting KFU in leading world specialized ratings;

- establishing and increasing of research collaborations;

-occupational guidance of school leavers in Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.

The Department works in close research collaborations with The Caplan University (the USA), University of Nicosia (Cyprus), Afyon Kocatepe University (Turkey), Southern Federal University, Kostanay State Pedagogical Institute (Kazahstan), Bashkir State University, N.A.Dobrolubov Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic university, A.N. Tupolev Kazan national research technological university, and Kazan State Power Engineering University.

Since September 2016, the Department offers a new Program for additional professional education “Translator in professional communication” (High Technologies).

The Department lecturers are the members of different international associations, such as the Linguistic Society of America: Advancing the Scientific Study of Language (prof. L.R. Sakaeva), and British Association for Victorian Studies (Associate Professor N.Z. Shamsutdinova)