The main goal of the department is to train Orientalists, Afrikanists and Islamologists, specializing in the study of history, culture, literature, economics and religion of the countries of the Arab East, Iran, Turkey, India, Africa and Indonesia, who have a high level of knowledge of Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hindi , Urdu, Swahili, Afrikaans and Indonesian languages, as well as major European languages.

The graduating department prepares bachelors in the direction of 58.00.00 "Oriental studies and African studies". Training profiles: Languages ​​and literature of countries in Asia and Africa (Arabic, Persian, Swahili, Hindi, Indonesian, Urdu); History of Asian and African countries (Republic of Turkey, Islamic Republic of Iran), Academic Islamic Studies; Economy of the countries of Asia and Africa (Arab countries).

Annually students of the department pass language training in Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Tanzania, and India, where they receive relevant certificates. Graduates of the department are in demand in many organizations that maintain business and cultural ties with the countries of the Near and Middle East, Africa, India and Indonesia; successfully work in various state and commercial organizations, research and analytical centers, central and regional government bodies, ministries and departments, educational institutions, etc.

Scientific directions of the department: philology, linguistics and intercultural communication; methodology and methodology of teaching Eastern and African languages, Islamic studies, history.