Master degree program of Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry KFU

04.04.01 Chemistry

Chemistry of composite materials

Profile: «Chemistry of composite materials »

The qualification: Master

Language: Russian

Duration of Study: 2 years

Cost of education: 2800$ (the first year), 5600$ (the full cost of education)

Supervisor: Prof. Amirov R.R., Phone: +7-8432337145: E-mail:

Contact person: Prof. Amirov R.R., Phone: +7-8432337145: E-mail:

Program des­cription

At present, the strategically important task for the production of competitive products is the development of new materials with specified properties. In accordance with the state policy of import substitution, manufactured goods must meet the highest requirements of quality standards, as well as the achievements of modern science. In the era of rapid development of science and technology, the automation of industrial processes, the introduction of new technologies, the discovery of innovative materials, the need for highly qualified specialists, capable of responding to relevant changes in a timely manner, is constantly growing.

Students who have studied the discipline "Chemistry of Composite Materials" and who work in this specialty will be able to solve not only the current production tasks, but also control and improve the properties of materials, create new composites. Another important point of this master program is the involving leading specialists in this field (Kazan Aerospace University, Institute of Macromolecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences) in the performance of teaching.

Core subjects:

Elective courses:

Availability of material and technical base: classrooms and laboratory rooms with a total area of more than 900 square meters; more than 30 units of modern research instruments and technological equipment worth over 60 million rubles.

Practical availability: there is an own laboratory facilities for training and research practices, there will be an opportunity to practice at partner institutes (Institute of Macromolecular Compounds, RAS (St. Petersburg), Institute of Synthetic Polymeric Materials, RAS (Moscow)). Manufacturing practices and the implementation of final qualifying works will be organized in collaboration with partner institutions, the Engineering Institute of KFU and partner industrial companies.

Areas of professional activity:

Advantages of the program: The program provides a unique opportunity to gain fundamental knowledge about the features of the structure of composite materials, processes for their preparation and study of properties, as well as acquire practical skills for obtaining materials with modern equipment and the study using various methods.

Future work / possible employers: