Master degree program of Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry KFU

04.04.01 Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry

Profile: Medicinal chemistry

The qualification: master

Language: Russian

Duration of Study: 2 years full-time

Cost of education: 2800$ (the first year), 5600$ (the full cost of education)

Supervisor: Prof. V.V. Plemenkov, +79178706638, E-mail:

The master program “medicinal chemistry” was opened on the base of Alexandr Butlerov Institute of chemistry which is the part of the Kazan federal university. The goal of this program is to get to the graduates professional knowledge and skills that allows them to work in the pharmaceutical area and  in the sphere of science and education.

The graduate of the program has the opportunity:

Medicinal chemistry is one of the youngest and the most demanded branch of chemistry, which is based on the whole block of the fundamental chemical and biomedical subjects. The main goal of this master program is to prepare the professionals which can work in the area of design and creation of the new forms and molecules of medicinal substances. According to this was developed the educational plan of the master program which includes many subjects, for example: the stricture of organic molecules and molecular systems, the synthesis of the new medicinal substances, nature biological active substances, the computers methods of modeling in medicinal chemistry, physical methods of analysis of the new substances, pharmaceutical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, pharmacology. The educational process of this master program is provided by high qualificated professors both the chemists and the biologist. The laboratory and practical lessons are carries out on the base of chemical institute and also in the Scientific and Educational Center of Pharmaceutics. It provides the synthesis of the new substances and also the experimental test of their activity. And all of this can be made by “one hands”.

The advantages of the program: this program allows to prepare the professionals which have skills and knowledge for synthesis and analysis of the new pharmaceutical substances and the methodology of researching their biomedical activity

Employment prospects: the job in pharmaceuticals companies and relative organizations.