Master degree program of Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry KFU

04.04.01 Chemistry

Methods of analytical chemistry

Profile: «Methods of analytical chemistry»

The qualification: Master

Teaching language: Russian

Duration of Study: 2 years

Cost of education: 2800$ (the first year), 5600$ (the full cost of education)

Supervisor: Evtugyn G.A. Tel. +7-843-2337491, E-mail:

Contact person: Chelnokova I.A. Tel. +7-233-7416 E-mail:

Program descirption

Master program “Methods of Analytical Chemistry” has been opened on the platform of the Department of Analytical Chemistry. It is aimed at professional skills and knowledge in the framework of competences sufficient for successful work in chemical industry, academic and university science and in the higher school institutions.

Master degree graduate will be able:

Master students will be able to deepen under department staff supervision the knowledge in instrumentation analysis, receive own experience on working on modern equipment of best Russian and foreign companies, be familiar with modern approaches to teaching in analytical chemistry and in solving problems demanded by employers. In total, five senior doctors and six doctors of chemistry are involved in teaching students. The courses included in the master program cover main instrumentation techniques (optic, chromatographic and electrochemical). Besides, some courses are dvoted to the deepening general level of backgrounds uniderstanding, metrology and research management in analytical laboratory. Invited researchers present their vision on application of analytical chemistry in pharmacy, forensic science and environmental science. Laboratories are equipped with modern electrochemical analyzers produced by leading intgernational producers, e.g., “Metrohm-Autolab”, “CH Instruments”, chromatography uinstrumentations of “Shimadzu” and “Dionex”, flow-through devices of “FIALab”, and fluorescent analyzer of “BMG Labtech”. The coordination of individual studing track with requirements of potential employers is welcome including the work under Master's thesis outside the University. Best graduates can enter the post-graduate program on analytical chemistry (02.00.02).

Advantages of the program: excellent technical facilities of the labs and research groups involved in training course and Master's thesis preparation; high level of professional skills of the lecturers and supporting personnel involved in Master Program teaching; possibility to join top-level research in the area of bioelectrochemistry and bioanalysis conducted at the University; possibility to get experience of experimental work on modern instrumentation and in the interdisciplinary areas of chemistry including the application of nanomaterials, supramolecular and organo-inorganic hybrid polymers; broad range of scientific and applied problems to be solved by intrumantal analytical chemistry.

Future work / possible employers: The experimental skills and high level of theoretical support allow the graduates to be successful in about all the analytical laboratories at industrial enterprises, academic and higher school institutions. Taking into account high level of interdisciplinary links between electrochemistry and biochemistry established in the research conducted at analytical chemistry department, the graduates will get some additional benefits while working in pharmaceutical and environmental services and labs.