Deborah Azaryad Shechter


Series of lectures and workshops on topical issues of teaching foreign languages with technology were held:

- authentic and engaging materials for levels A1-B2.
- how to motivate students in and outside the classroom.
- assessment, performance tasks and learning-oriented assessment.
- syllabus writing and course site layout on Moodle.
-  global and close reading techniques.

Deborah A. S., Syunina A.S.,Pimenova T.S., Abdrafikova A.R, Yarmakeev I.E. Authentic video materials as a means of speech fluency development//Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods (MJLTM), 2107.- pp.2251-6204,

Deborah A. S., Syunina A.S., Pimenova T.S., Abdrafikova A.R.,Yarmakeev I.E. Text relevance as a valid criterion for selecting reading materials for forming reading skills in  EFL class//Modern Journal of Language Teaching Methods (MJLTM). Vol. 7(2), Issue 9, September (2017). pp. 028–033.  
URL: r_396_170917115801.pdf