The Department was established in 2007 by incorporating newly admitted faculty into the Department of Philosophy of the then Kazan State University.

The department is helmed by the Director of the Institute, DSci, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Mikhail Schelkunov.

Among the research areas of the Department are history of philosophy (including the history of philosophical education in Kazan and Tatarstan), philosophy of education, ontology and epistemology, social synergetics, philosophy of science and culture, and social phenomenology.

The faculty strives to incorporate the rich heritage left by the longstanding philosophical tradition of Kazan University.


Tel. + 7 (843) 233-71-58


Head - Mikhail Schelkunov (DSci, Professor)

Larisa Bogatova (DSci, Professor)

Gennady Menchikov (DSci,  Professor)

Yevgeniya Nikolaeva (PhD, Professor)

Rafail Nurullin (DSci, Professor)

Guzel Saykina (DSci, Professor)

Zulfiya Ibragimova (PhD, Associate Professor)

Aklim Khaziev (PhD, Associate Professor)

Konstantin Kondratyev (PhD, Associate Professor)

Anton Krasnov (PhD, Associate Professor)

Yevgeny Maslov (PhD, Associate Professor)

Rezeda Nigomatullina (PhD, Associate Professor)

Fanil Serebryakov (PhD, Associate Professor)

Yuliya Khayorova (PhD, Assistant Lecturer)

Polina Kotliar (Assistant Lecturer)

Gleb Leontyev (Assistant Lecturer)

Olga Bryzgalova (Secretary)