Head of department

Kalachev Aleksei Alekseevich

Optics and nanophotonics department was founded in 1960 and accepted a new name in 2006. The first head of the department was Professor Ivan Pominov. The department provides training for Master's Degree (Physics of atoms and molecules). Major courses: quantum physics, quantum optics and quantum electrodynamics, femtosecond laser spectroscopy, microscopy of nanostructures and nanophotonics. Research areas: interaction of optical radiation with atoms, molecules and photonic crystals, atomic and molecular spectroscopy, quantum optics, nonlinear optics, quantum electrodynamics, laser physics, mathematical processing spectroscopic experiment. The Research School, supervised by Professor Myakzyum Salakhov, is among the leading scientific schools in the country, funded by a grant from the President of Russian Federation (from 2006 to 2012). The Department jointly with Russian Academy of Sciences annually holds the International Youth Scientific School «Coherent Optics and Optical Spectroscopy». 

6 full professors, 3 associate professors, 1 instructor and 3 engineers are working at the department today. The department's lectures and researchers work closely together with the leading scientists from Russia, USA and Europe.