The Department offers two degree programs: 

Bachelor program:

Biology  (main direction Microbiology)

Master program:

510612 Microbiology and Virology

Every year 30-40% of alumni apply to graduate programs of Kazan Federal University, Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, and foreign universities and scientific centers. Graduates can seek careers in biomedical and bacteriological laboratories, AIDS center, epidemiology control, food industry and analytical laboratories.


Students have an opportunity to conduct their summer internships at different research institutes of сorresponding profiles:

Education by numbers:

Teacher-student ratio - 1:8
International students - 15
Total amount of students ~ 110

The multinational community of the microbiologists at Kazan University is represented by students from Russia,  Vietnam, Mongolia, Ecuador, Iraq, Egypt, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Mexico, Benin, Burundi