Yulia Ermolaeva is the Lab's researcher, researcher at the Federal Research Center for Sociology Russian Academy of Sciences (former Institute of Sociology), secretary in the Russian Society of sociologists. Serves as sociologist, ecologist and eco-activist.

Serves as sociologist, ecologist and eco-activist. In 2012 graduated from the State Academic University of the Humanities with a degree in Sociology, in 2017 graduated from the UNESCO department under the program "Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development" from State D. Mendeleev University with the MA in Ecology and Environmental management. Ermolaeva successfully defended her master's thesis on "Prospects for the use of green energy in the territory of the Russian Federation." Areas of interests include environmental sociology, ecology, waste issues in Russia and in the world, renewable energy sources. Participated in the following research projects: RGNF, No. 15-03-00666, Engineering Dynasties of Russia (2015-2017), RGNF, No. 15-03-00027, Sociology of Critical States of Urban Systems: Theory and Practice (2015- 2017), RFBR, 14-06-00314 A "Historical perspective of the formation and modern structure of the Russian mentality" (2015-2017), RGNF № 16-03-14064 "Preparation and holding of the V-th All-Russian Sociological Congress" Sociology and society: social inequality and social justice", took part in organizing Committee of the Congress, 2016. Author of 22 publications, author's page on elibrary - https://elibrary.ru/author_items.asp?authorid=722143, googlescholar -