Anastasia Ermolaeva is the Lab's researcher, she has MA  from School of Environment, Education and Development at the University of Manchester, UK (2017).

She completed her first degree in “Financial Management” at the Kazan Federal University in 2013. Anastasia's scientific interests are the investigation and analysis of the information technologies application in the urban environment, digitization of the financial infrastructure in large Russian cities, blockchain technology, economic evaluation of the investment projects' effectiveness, economic forecasting. The theme of her master degree thesis is "Factors influencing the implementation of the financial technologies in financial institutions in Russia", which was based on the conducted qualitative study and a comparative analysis of the studied phenomenon in Kazan and Moscow cities. She has a rich practical experience in appraisal and supervision of the investment projects in the Republic of Tatarstan while working both in private and government organizations. She evaluated and supervised projects from various sectors of the economy, such as construction and development, chemical and food industry, innovative enterprises and the enterprises of the leisure industry.