Resources of the system of professional development of educators on the basis of Volga Region Center for Advanced Training and Professional Retraining 

Scientific, research, educational and scientific laboratories of Kazan University

Structural subdivision


Institute of Fundamental Medicine and Biology

Research laboratory of biogeochemistry

Research laboratory of bioinformatics

Research laboratory of biosynthesis and bioengineering enzymes

Research laboratory of bionanotechnology and biomaterials

Research laboratory of biochemistry of nucleic acids

Research laboratory of engineering enzymology

Research laboratory of cellular and gene technologies

Research laboratory of cellular mechanisms of memory

Research laboratory of neurobiology

Research laboratory of paleoclimatic research

Research laboratory of plant growth and stability controllers

Scientific research laboratory of ultralow structure organization

Scientific and research laboratory of fundamental and applied biotechnology

Research laboratory of environmental biotechnology and biomonitoring

Interdisciplinary radiology laboratory

Institute of Environmental Sciences

Interdepartmental educational-scientific laboratory "Geoinformation technologies in geographic and ecological education"

Interfaculty environmental control laboratory

Institute of Geology and Petroleum Technologies

Research laboratory of physics of minerals and their analogs

Research laboratory of paleomagnetism and rock magnetism

Institute of Physics

Research laboratory bionics

Research laboratory "Vacuum-plasma technologies"

Research laboratory of dielectric spectroscopy

Research laboratory of gravitational-wave astronomy

Research laboratory of quantum optics, nanophotonics and optical spectroscopy

Research laboratory of computer design of new materials

Research Laboratory of Magnetic Radiospectroscopy and Quantum Electronics. S.A. Altschuler

Research laboratory "Problem radio astronomy laboratory"

Research laboratory of radiophysics

Research Laboratory of strongly correlated electronic systems

Research laboratory for the synthesis of thin film structures

Research laboratory of femtosecond spectroscopy

Research laboratory of physical dynamics of heterogeneous media

Research laboratory "Physics of pulsating combustion and heat and mass transfer"

Scientific Laboratory of Analytical Spectroscopy

Scientific Laboratory of the Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Systems

Scientific Laboratory of Theoretical and Computer Physics

Scientific Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Scientific Laboratory of Physics of Magnetic Nanostructures and Spintronics

Joint laboratory of coherent optics and optical spectroscopy

United Russian-Japanese scientific laboratory "KFU-RIKEN"

Educational-scientific laboratory of practical astronomy

Alexander Butlerov Institute of Chemistry

Laboratory of bioelectric and biosensor research

Laboratory for the Study of Organic Compounds

Laboratory of coordination compounds

Laboratory of sorption and catalytic processes

Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research

Laboratory of Organophosphorus Compounds

Laboratory of Chemistry of High Pressures

Laboratory of Organoelement Compounds

N.I. Lobachevsky Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics

Research laboratory "Information technologies in mathematical education"

Educational laboratory of computer technology

Educational resistance laboratory

Educational laboratory of optical methods in mechanics of deformable solids

Institute of Computational Mathematics and Information Technologies

Research laboratory of supercomputer modeling of wave processes

Research laboratory of numerical methods of mathematical physics

Research laboratory of artificial intelligence problems

Laboratory of small computer engineering

Educational laboratory of computer technology

Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication

Research laboratory of the Tatar language and Turkic studies

Research laboratory of cognitive linguistics and applied semiotics

Research laboratory of intercultural communication and poly-linguism

Research laboratory of linguoculturology

Research laboratory of humanitarian systems and technologies

Research laboratory of the Russian language and Slavic studies

Research laboratory for the dialogue of cultures in philological education

Educational and scientific laboratory of theory and methods of teaching the Tatar language

Educational and scientific laboratory of musical folklore of Tatars and peoples of the Volga region

Educational and scientific laboratory of Romano-Germanic philology and linguistics

Educational and scientific laboratory of the theory of arts and socio-cultural technologies

Educational and scientific laboratory of computer technologies and design

Educational and scientific laboratory of literary local studies

Educational and scientific laboratory of applied linguistics and experimental phonetics

Institute of Management and Territorial Development

Research laboratory of economic research and development

Educational and scientific laboratory for optimization of ecological systems