Dear colleagues!

We invite heads and teachers of educational organizations, heads and staff of educational governing bodies of territorial entities of the Russian Federation to attend courses of further education in the form of internships in innovative educational organizations of Kazan

Kazan with its impressive Kremlin, cathedral mosques, Orthodox Christian churches and rich museums is a unique landmark among tourist routes along the Volga river and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

It is a city of theatres, museums, music, international festivals, great libraries, new technologies and scientific potential. Kazan has some of the greatest sport facilities in Russia. The city hosted Summer Universiade (2013), World Watersports Championships (2015), Confederations Cup (2017) and is going to be one of the host cities of FIFA World Cup (2018) (Appendix 1).

We offer you to complete an internship in one of innovative educational organizations in Kazan, and get acquainted with a city with more than a thousand years of history (Appendix 2).

Course duration – 36 hours

Course price – 7 000 rubles

(the price includes transfer during the days of study and organization of excursions)

Courses duration are selected individually for each person. A group is comprised of 25 people or more..

On completion of education, students get a diploma of further training of the issue type of Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University.

You can direct all your questions to the department of Organizational and Methodological Support, telephone number: 8 (843) 277-75-23

Appendix 1

Kazan Sights

1,5. Kazan Kremlin, 2. Sviyazhsk, 3. Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan (The Farmers' Palace), 4. Kazan (Volga Region) federal University, 6. Tatar State puppet Theatre «Fairytale»

1. Peterburgskaya st., 2. Tatar G. Kamal Theatre, 3. Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral, 4. Opera Theatre, 5. Football stadium «Kazan Arena»,6. Shamil Tarpishchev Tennis Academy, 7. Fedoseevsakya str., 8. Family center «Kazan»

Appendix 2

Approximate timetable of the internship

of directors and deputy directors

«Motivational management of educational quality in the context of realization of FSES of basic general education and introduction of professional standards»;

of teachers of educational organizations

«Activity approach as basis of achieving planned results in primary and basic secondary education in the context of realization of FSES»


Group arrival

13.35-18.30 Internship in one of the educational organizations in Kazan


08.30 – 14.00 Internship in one of the educational organizations in Kazan

14.05-14.30 Dinner

14.35-15.20 Round table

15.30 – 20.00 Excursion (Kazan at Night, Kazan Kremlin)


08.30 – 14.00 Master classes in educational organizations of Kazan

14.05-14.30 Dinner

14.35-15.20 Round table

15.30 – 20.00 Visits to the theatres, concerts, museums and exhibitions (paid separately)


08.30 – 14.00 Internship in one of the educational organizations in Kazan

14.05-14.30 Dinner

14.35-15.20 Round table

15.30 – 20.00 Excursion (The Virgin Monastery of Raifa / Sviyazhsk)


08.30 – 13.20 Methodical workshop at Volga Region Center for Advanced Training and Professional Retraining KFU / Boarding school « Lobachevsky Lyceum » KFU / IT-Lyceum KFU

Group departure