Scientific direction of the chair related to the study and solution of fundamental and applied problems in biotechnology, including research related to the physiology of anaerobic bacteria, with secondary metabolism of plants, production of biologically active compounds of microbial and plant origin. Research at the chair of Biotechnology conducted in close cooperation with other chairs of the Kazan Federal University, with industry-leading institutes and biotech companies of the Republic of Tatarstan and Russia. Actively established international links.

Bagaeva Tatyana Vadimovna, Doctor of Science (Biology), professor Tel. (843) 233-78-89 E-mail: Tatiana.Bagaeva @,

The main research topic, developed at the department: Biologicals for the economyca:
• Plants as green plant medicines.
• Medicines based on biologically active substances of microorganisms. Agriculture:
• Protection of natural objects Republic of Tatarstan of the spread of infectious diseases caused by phytopathogenic micromycetes.
• Complete hydrolytic products based on the culture fluid micromycetes
• Cleaning and post-treatment of oil and hydrocarbon industrial wastewater to the standards of water recycling and removal in any open surface water.
Industrial Biotechnology:
• biodeterioration of materials and structures: the methods of identification, elimination and prevention of the biodestruktorov.
Food Biotechnology:
• New crops for the use of biotechnology in food production.