A research school "Ecosystems under Anthropogenic Transformation of Natural Landscapes" was initiated by Ilgizar I. Rakhimov, a well-known scientist in the field of classical ecology.

His doctoral dissertation on "Avifauna of the Middle Volga region under the anthropogenic transformation of the natural landscape" is a large scientific generalization of the 
research on animal synanthropization mechanisms and anthropogenic impact on the natural components of the Middle Volga region. The projects submitted by Ilgizar I. Rakhimov and funded by different grants always find support and, thus, are successfully implemented. Among the result achieved in the recent years, there is a work on Tatarstan avifauna resource estimation. He is one of the authors of the Red Book of Tatarstan (1995, 2006), and a book "Ecology of the city of Kazan." Being included in the expert group, he conducts the cadastral research for the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. He provides scientific consultations on all the matters related to animal ecology and environmental protection in the Republic of Tatarstan. Prof. Rakhimov is a member of the expert group on environmental issues in the Presidium of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences