Yulia Talapina

Research Assistant

Yulia received a bachelor's degree in the KFU in the field of Applied Mathematics and Informatics in 2015. Worked in LIRS from 2016-2017. Since 2017 she works as an Analysis and Planning Manager at PJSC VimpelCom (Beeline).

Leysan Sabirova

Research associate

In 2012 Leysan graduated from "Oriental Studies. African Studies" Program at Kazan Federal University. Leysan was engaged in administrative support of LIRS, and coordinated the project "Localization, mapping and searching for a path for an unpiloted ground robot (UGR) with the help of a group of unpiloted aerial vehicles (UAV) using active collective technical vision and planning in a common trust area of group of robots." Leysan speaks English.

Ksenia Shabalina

Research associate

Ksenia studied at the secondary school № 19 specialized in advanced curriculum of classes in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. Currently she studies at the Higher Institute of ITIS KFU. She worked for BARS Group as a Junior Quality Engineer. She took part in an open competition of scientific works among students studying for the N.I. Lobachevsky. In 2017, she took the 2nd place in the Competition for the best scientific work of students of KFU in engineering and technical direction. Ksenia speaks English, programming languages: C #, C ++. 

Artur Sagitov

Research associate

In 2011, Artur graduated from the Kazan State Technical University after A.N. Tupolev on speciality of "Applied Mathematics and Informatics". Arthur has experience working in such industrial companies as ICL KPO VS, where he was engaged in the development of relational database management system, and TGT OilfieldServices, where he developed software for the needs of geophysical research. From 2015 to 2016 he worked as a research engineer at the Laboratory of Intellectual Robotic Systems of the University of Innopolis, where he was one of the main executors of the project "Development and research of complex of software solutions for creation of energy-efficient control systems for the movement mechanics of anthropomorphic robotic complexes based on the control of static and dynamic equilibrium." Since 2016, he was a nassistant researcher at the Higher School of ITIS KFU. Artur speaks English.

Dinir Imameev

Research Assistant

In 2017 graduated from comprehensive school and started studying at the KFU at Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems. At the lab, Dinir researches in area of algorithm development and implementation for mobile robot Avrora Unior. 
Has a big experience in the field of development on programming languages: C/C++, Python, Java. He speaks English, Japanese languages.

Aufar Zakiev 

Research assistant

In 2013 Aufar graduated from gymnasium № 36 "Zolotaya Gorka" and was awarded with a gold medal. In the same year he was a won the city Olympiad in physics and at Unified State Exam he got maximum score of 100 in physics. In parallel with studies, he worked as an administrator at Khakspace company and was responsible for prototyping (3D printing, laser cutting) at the private robotic technopark "Navigator Campus". Aufar has an experience in teaching robotics to children (LegoNXT + Labview, ScratchDuino + Scratch, Arduino + WiringC) in the robotics club for children "Tekhnoklass". He graduated from the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems (ITIS) of KFU with bachelor's and master's degree with major in“Software engineering”. He is involved in scientific research on swarm robotics and teaches a C++ course. Aufar speaks Tatar, English and German languages, programming languages: Java, C ++, (also CUDA C, OpenMP and MPI). PhD student in Robotics since 2019.

Maxim Pichkalev

Reserach Assistant

Maxim graduated from lyceum №35 in 2017. Now he is studying at the Higher Institute of Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems of KFU. He actively works with computer vision and robotic manipulators.
He knows programming languages: Java, C++, Python; also speaks Russian, English, German, studies Norwegian and Japanese.