02.02.2017 - Final Scientific Conference of KFU.

Section: Virtual and Simulation Technologies


Akhmetsharipov R.D., Lushnikov A.Yu., Khafizov M.R., Kugurakova V.V., Correa Madrigal O., Zigantdinov Sh.Ya. Development of mathematical models of basic surgery manipulations for virtual surgery implementation.

Skobelev A., Khafizov M.R. Use of Google Tango technologies for accurate positional tracking of virtual objects in mixed reality.

Abramov V.D., Manakhov N.R., Kugurakova V.V. Visual programming technologies for rapid virtual lab formation.

Kugurakova V.V., Ivanov D.S. Development of rat hippocampus activity architecture to be utilized on realistic neuron networks.

Manakhov N.R., Kugurakova V.V., Esin R.G., Selezneva N.E., Bakirov A.R., Correa Madrigal O. Use of distance sensors in game technologies for rehabilitation of patients with neurological disorders.

Abramov V.D., Khafizov M.R., Kugurakova V.V. Research on growing cerebrum dynamics simulation to be implemented on game and physics engines with scalability into cloud.

Lazarev E.N., Razuvalova E.A. General rules of urban formation in large-scale virtual historic reconstructions at different periods.

Safin V.E., Nabiullin A.F. Visualization of Kazan Imperial University symbolism.

Kostyuk D.I., Gazizov R.R. Configuring KFU computing cluster for distributed rendering of high-realistic 3D scenes.

Selezneva N.E., Khabetdinov R.I. Development of big data visualization complex with the use of Paraview for the data received from seismic sensors at oil deposits.