Department of General Geology was established on October 16, 1952; in 1960 it was renamed to the department of General Geology and Hydrogeology.

The following prominent geologists worked at the department: S. G. Kashtanov, N. N. Nelidov, V. I. Burba, M. Ye. Korolyov, Ye. S. Shulikov, N. K. Yesaoulova.

Today the department has 17 faculty members, including 3 DScs and 8 PhDs. The main specialties are hydrochemistry, engineering geology and geodynamics, geology of nonmetallic raw materials.

The department has laboratories of general geology, hydro-geochemistry, hydro-geology, soil science and soil mechanics. The department assisted in setting up the Educational Center of Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Studies as well as R&D Laboratory of X-Ray Computer Tomography.

There are 3 PhDs and 7 Candidate of Sciences among the department's staff.

Main research areas:


Head of department of general geology and hydrogeology

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