Research Areas:
The Department works in the following scientific areas:
1. Socio-economic development of Tatarstan and the CIS countries at present. This field is studied by Professor I. Gaisin, Professor A. Musin, D. Sadretdinov, Associate Professor, Sh. Galimov, Associate Professor, L. Abinova, Associate Professor, M. Valiev, Senior Lecturer as well as graduate students.

2. Modern geographic problems of the population and the labor market. Together with the Ministry of Labour and Employment of the RT there has been created and operates a research laboratory “Features of demographic development of the region and the problems of implementation of the social program” (Supervisor: M. Mustafin, Associate Professor). Associate professors N. Biktimirov and E. Ivanova conduct research in the field of ethnogeography, study of the rural population and resettlement in the RT, factors affecting modern labor market, migration, regional geo-demographic modeling of the environment in the RT.

3. Topical problems of teaching methods of the RT, the RF and the CIS countries. At the Department there has been established the Research Laboratory “New educational technology in teaching regional geography and ecology” (Supervisor: Prof. Z. Khusainov). The main directions of his research are the formation of ecological culture of students. S. Beketova, Associate Professor, deals with the questions of formation of scientific view of students in secondary school.
The Department is involved in important work for further training and retraining of teachers of geography. This work is supervised by G. Samigullina, PhD, Associate Professor. The teacher has provided the following academic support:

1. Program and methodical support of PC and PP of teachers of geography.
2. Remote PC and PP modules: - Diagnostics of professional readiness of a geography teacher to implement interdisciplinary connections. - Diagnosis of professional readiness of geography teachers for creative teaching. - Implementation of competence-based approach in teaching geography.

G. Samigullina collected and published works on teaching geography and ecology at school.

Special mention should be given to the main research area of Prof. I. Gaisin - “Continuity of eco-geographical education and upbringing of students”. Prof. I. Gaisin heads the scientific school with over 30 Ph.Ds, 1 Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, 4 graduate students. He also continues working successfully in the field of teacher training.