Head Department - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Shakirova Liliana Rafikovna

The department was founded in 1989 at the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of the Kazan Pedagogical Institute. The first heads of the department were Shamsutdinov M.M. (1989-1990), Zakirov VZ (1990-1996 gg.), Shakirova KB (1996-2012). Since 2013, the department is headed by Professor Shakirova L.R.

From the first years of the department’s existence, the research of employees has been associated with the training of future teachers of mathematics.

The department consists of 7 teachers, including 1 doctor of sciences, professor, 6 candidates of pedagogical sciences, associate professors. The main disciplines implemented at the department are "Elementary Mathematics", "Methods of teaching mathematics", "Methods of teaching computer science", "History of Mathematics", as well as special courses. One of the advantages of the department is the development and implementation of electronic educational resources for the organization of distance learning. The teachers of the department are the authors of about 20 EORs.

Since January 2014, the Educational and Experimental Laboratory "Innovative technologies for teaching mathematics at school and university" has been working. The objectives of the laboratory: design, organization, implementation and evaluation of research results using information and innovative technologies; using the capabilities of the information and communication educational environment for the development of distance education systems and ensuring the quality of mathematical education in the university and school. Research topics: psychological aspects of teaching mathematics; learning mathematics using ICT; distant-auditor training of the future teacher of mathematics; technology professional development of future teachers of mathematics; innovative technologies of teaching mathematics in schools and universities.

Since 2011, the department is the organizer of the annual International Scientific and Practical Conference "Mathematical education in school and university: theory and practice (MATHEDU). In 2017, the level of the event was more significant: the International Forum on Mathematical Education (IFME - 2017), dedicated to the Year of Lobachevsky in KFU, with more than 300 participants, 16 of them foreign (from the USA, France, Mexico, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine). In addition to the MATHEDU-2017 conference, the XXXVI International Scientific Seminar of Teachers of Mathematics and Informatics of universities and pedagogical universities on the subject: “N.I. Lobachevsky and Mathematical Education in Russia ”and the VII Republican Seminar of Mathematics Teachers on the topic“ The Author's Concept by A.G. Mordkovich school courses "Algebra 7-9" and "Algebra and the beginning of mathematical analysis 10-11".

The international cooperation of the department is organized within the framework of the KFU cooperation agreement with the University of El Paso, Texas, USA. Professor Choshanov MA conducts joint scientific research with the staff of the department, gives lectures to students in remote and full-time format, conducts seminars, supervises final qualifying works.

In the field of psychology of mathematical education, the department collaborates with the staff of the Laboratory "Experimental Psychology" of the Moscow City Psychological and Pedagogical University (Prof. VA Barabanschikov).

Since 2013, the department has a regular scientific and methodological seminar for teachers of the Republic of Tatarstan to discuss the problems of teaching mathematics in school. The leading teachers, leading specialists of our country and abroad speak at the seminar every year.

The department cooperates with the Interregional Center for retraining and advanced training of teachers of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of KFU.

Employees of the department are a great career guidance, read lectures to students of schools of the republic in preparation for the exam; are the scientific leaders of a number of schools in Kazan. Since 2006, the department organizes student educational conferences for schoolchildren of the city of Kazan and district schools of the Republic of Tatarstan. Since 2016, the department annually organizes a competition of local lore mathematical problems for schoolchildren.