The Department of Geometry has a rich history, full of events and scientific discoveries.

Kazan Geometric School was founded by the great geometer of the century before last, Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky. Discovered by him in 1826, non-Euclidean geometry marked the beginning of a radical change in views on space and time and had a profound impact on the entire development of modern mathematics. The development of Lobachevsky's ideas and their further generalization determined the main direction of scientific work of modern Kazan geometers.

At the moment, doctors of physical and Mathematical Sciences (Popov Arkady Alexandrovich and Shurygin Vadim Vasilyevich), as well as candidates of physical and mathematical sciences (Ivanshin Pyotr Nikolaevich, Khakimov Jamoliddin Rakhmonovich and Shurygin Vadim Vadimovich) work at the department.

The department provides teaching of the following general disciplines:

as well as a number of elective courses related to the scientific topics of the department:

The department regularly publishes methodological and training manuals on the subjects taught.

Students have the opportunity to practice with our specialists, as well as write scientific papers on the subject of the department.