Department of Inorganic Chemistry

Laboratory of functional polymers and polymer materials (Head of  Laboratory, Candidate of Sciences, Associate Professor Kutyreva M.P., tel. 233-71-65, e-mail: works on the synthesis and investigation of structure, properties of functionalized extensive polymers, their interactions with the ions and nanoparticles of metals and researches the biological activity of polymeric nanomaterials.

Another direction of the laboratory is the development of composite materials based on thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers using a variety of fillers and modifiers, including nanosized, study of their properties and the definition of operational characteristics. Also the laboratory carries out the development of antifungal drugs and antiseptic compounds of new generation, develops bioaffin research methods based on DNA.

Laboratory of coordination compounds (Head of Laboratory Shtyrlin V.G., Candidate of Sciences, Senior Researcher, tel. 233-77-28, email: investigates in the field of thermodynamics of education, the kinetics of substitution reactions, chemical exchange and complexes structure formed in solutions of coordination compounds with complex of physical-chemical methods, including pH-meters, ionometer on ion-selective electrodes, spectrophotometry, YM relaxation, YMR and EPR; works to create new programs for the data processing of physical-chemical methods; carries out quantum-chemical calculations of chemical processes and coordination compounds structures. There are the synthesis of new complexes with traditional methods in the laboratory. Along with this there are the synthesis of new methods in the stream with the participation of coordination connections. In the laboratory creats new medicins based on coordination compounds, including the composition of amino acids with microelements. A special place in the work belongs to the research of the effects of stereoselectivity and stereospecificity in solutions of coordination compounds with bioligands.

Department of Analytical Chemistry

Laboratory biosensors and bioelectrochemical research – Head of Laboratory, Professor Evtiugin G.A. The laboratory has researches to create new biosensors for determination of medicines, pesticides and biomarkers, develops new approaches to the electrochemical registration of biochemical interactions, electrochemistry of DNA and proteins. Main researchers:

Candidate of Sciences Ivanov Alexey Nikolaevich, e-mail:;

Researcher Porfirieva Anna Veniaminovna, e-mail:;

Researcher Shamagsumova Rezeda Vakifovna, e-mail:

Department of High Molecular and Organoelement Compounds

Laboratory of organoelement connections researches the synthesis and structure of organoelement compounds.

Head of Laboratory Ivkova Gulnara Askarovna,

Laboratory of organophosphorus synthesis researches the synthesis and structure of organophosphorus compounds.

Head of Laboratory, Professor Nizamov Ilias Saidovich,

Laboratory of diffraction researches conducts a study of different types of chemical molecules  structure with the method of x-ray analysis.

Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Sciences Kataeva Olga Nikolaevna,